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不要輕言放棄 否則對不起自己

Our “staycation”

Had a hectic week. Having lots of emotional roller coasters. Trying to accept the fact that Joshua passed away, coping with lotsa marking, and at the same time, taking care of LB.

While grieving, I realized something wrong with LB and immediately rushed him to TMC.

Waited 1hr plus for our turn to see GP. He was still positive saying that LB was just down with normal flu. Nothing to be worried about. Was a little relieved. Less than 15mins, nurses rushed us into the examination room, telling us that LB has to be admitted. My heart sank but at the same time, felt assured that he will be well taken care of.

Our staycation started off with his first blood test. It was 10pm and the room was dead quiet. LB sensed it and kept asking the nurse to sshhh. Didn’t cry at all while blood was drawn. It was scary but so proud he was so brave. Night 1, had a good night sleep cos didn’t share the room with anyone else.

On day 1, Nebulizer. 3hrs apart.

X-ray. He took off his clothes on his own. Stood on the stool alone, holding on to the handle , looking at the x-ray machine thinking that it was a camera. He said smile

He was still having difficulties breathing. But he was so brave and cooperative.

Night was terrible because of an inconsiderate neighbour. A super cranky 4 yr old girl who was down with the same thing as LB.

Friends came. LB was excited. Decided to get books for him as entertainment.

I must say that I’m so grateful for everything. For doctor Ang who rushed down at 10pm to attend to LB because she suspected that LB was down with something more serious.

Grateful for the staff at TMC. So professional and friendly. was treated like hotel guests for the 5 days. Nice food too.

For friends who came. Friends came with toys, with bird nest for me… Felt so loved.

For Great Eastern. So worried to have to pay such a big amount for the stay in TMC. On the very first day, we were told not to be worried because it will be fully claimable. Yeah.

For good roommate on the 3rd night. After having a night with the evil girl (her family was evil. Luckily they requested for single room. Kthxbye), we met a friendly neighbour. Cute little baby with his warm family. They were so apologetic for the cries , but hey we understand how difficult it is to handle a sick child.

For having a great great boy. LB is really a fighter. Borned a little earlier than his peers, he is actually a bit weaker. But he is a strong little boy. Didn’t complain at all for the 5 nights, I was bored but the only request he had was to go to the lobby to read and get sweet (tHat he won’t be eating). Heartache to see him going through all these. The image of him standing inside the x-ray room was so clear in my mind. So brave. He didn’t cry at all for the 5 nights. For silly people who said he is 難搞. 你們才難搞.

Thats him after going through the battle. So proud of him.


something that we won’t be able to forget

via Sentosa and the Central Pedestrian Axis

Sentosa and Our Lost Memories

到底懷念的是你 還是那個時候?

我們輕靠著欄杆 等魚尾獅亮燈


可是當時我們多麼快樂 多麼幸福



他坐在我斜對面 我一直看著他 可是他沒有注意到我
還是一樣 連夢裡都在問 為什麼不是我?我認識他更久 更了解他

夢裡的情節越來越模糊 我很想記得 我不捨得忘記他



做美夢時 就希望不要起來 一直夢下去
起來時失望 羨慕夢裡的自己

是我完美主義 還是我不安現狀?

the 11th year, memories are fading.

sorry that im letting you go.

今天和angel去了居士林 之後去了tiong bahru plaza.
那裏已經和以前完全不一樣 我和他去過的burgerking 也已經沒了
沒有辦法不感嘆 真的回不去了
我和他那麼一丁點的回憶 很快就保不住了
我很想他 很想念他對我開心地笑 我很想夢到他 很想和他說 我真的不想忘記他

it is Monday again. Looking forward to next week. just 1 day of teaching.

Sometimes, people tends to forget that we are humans too. I miss drifting. I miss travelling on bus. Just that i couldnt let go of KR. having this strong sense of responsibility doesnt really help.

I miss having free time travelling alone. listening to songs that i like. Letting go of all the trouble.. will i have the chance?

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