i remembered painting everything green on my drawing paper because green is my favorite color and the instructor scolded me in front of the whole class. thinking that something was very wrong with me, or for some other reasons, i didnt continue to attend that class.

i chose ‘green’ to represent myself. a color that represent peace and nature. yes i like peacefulness although i love going around disturbing people. i miss disturbing ping in class. i miss drawing on her arms, i miss poking her.

and today my instructor linked the color green to a physic theory.

i couldn’t understand what he was talking about. i understand almost nothing about physic. a very bad choice taking physic in JC. i remembered giving up on physic. shunning away every single physic-related stuff. a very very bad example.

i envy people who can do physic. physic makes me feel very stupid.

and so, everything made me feel stupid and abnormal.

but i seriously think i am very normal. stupid or not, i don’t know.