went to kranji with mummy, exploring farms and fun places. met with this nosey female cab driver, who asked many questions about us. typically, are we foreigners? why are we here?
and there she goes, blah-ing about the farms in kranji area, talking about how commercialized those places are. and she suggested if we want, we should go to malaysia instead. very ‘friendly’, she even drove us to the resort that i’ve been looking at. but same thing, she went blah blah-ing about the place, laughing at how silly the place is. then, carried on promoting resorts in nearby countries.

“i tell you ah, dont go to these places”
very discouraging. she continued that the place we wanna go to is small and disappointing.
“nothing there one, dont trust the internet, they sure put nice nice for you to see”
feel like telling her that i spent a lot of time surfing net, reading reviews on places. yes although might not be accurate but i am quite sure the information provided is so much more reliable than her. she even told us that the hay dairies farm has about only ten goats, which is so untrue.

i guess, there is a lot of negative energies flowing in the cab. causing such narrow minded views.

stay positive and the world is actually beautiful.

but ya what she said dampened my mood a little. especially after waiting 45mins for the shuttle bus and it was cancelled. and i was really hoping to bring mum to nice places.

in the end we enjoyed ourselves. we need more of such walks and explorations.