this trip can be considered as my first overseas trip, or at least, travelling by plane. main aim was to get my wedding photos taken. am very happy with the photos, but a little upset on how much extra we spent. i know i am stingy over this but oh well who will freaking take out another SGD5000 for extra similiar photographs? had a little argument with the sales people, nearly couldn’t even leave the wedding boutique. other than that, everything went so well 🙂 

first day: 
Reach Taiwan and took the 高鐵 to taichung. my whole mind was on the 便當 but ok we still have another 8 days to go. so the first day was gone as we took about 6 hours deciding on the dresses, altering, discussing on the concept and location… 


very impressive place and i have a whole room for myself. but honestly not very keen to choose the dresses.. too many to choose from and i was feeling unwell after having to rush here and there… finally at 9pm, we were all ready to go up the mountain! 

Day 2: 
Ci Jing… 
the 民宿 we stayed in was not quite pretty on the outside, but all rooms have a balcony! with a superb view of the mountains and lake! so happy!! 

very good weather and so i didn’t really freeze to death. after 6 hours of shoot, we went back to taichung. 
and… something that i looked forward to, 夜市! it sounds like a must-go, but i was feeling unwell again.. didn’t try much stuff… 


food is everywhere!! 

somehow i prefer taichung to taipei, slower pace of life and nicer people i feel. and taiwan is really such an artistic place, with eslite book store and museum and art pieces everywhere you go…