the second day. my dream of travelling on trains… reached taipei station quite early but train was delayed.

20131130_085041 20131130_100127

had to transfer at 瑞芳 for the 平溪線. and yeah! we were at 十分!20131130_111111 20131130_111601 20131130_113209 20131130_120524 20131130_120729 20131130_123743

most people went there to 放天燈.


after an hour at 十分, we headed back to 瑞芳 for bus to 九份. bus was crowded like mad and the bus journey was scary… travelling uphill on super narrow roads with so many people. when we were finally at 九份老街, we got a shock to see a place packed with tourists and locals. OH MY….. we can’t even stop to shop as people were pushing us. was a bit disappointed cos 九份 was the top place on my travel list. was so crowded that i had difficulty breathing…
20131130_140902 20131130_141210 20131130_155405

so we found a place to drink tea, to wait for the sun to set. night scene in 九份 was fantastic. especially the stairway leading down to 阿妹茶館. 20131130_165308 20131130_165602 20131130_172228 20131130_172621 20131130_172856

lovely view from the mountain. 我常為這種老街山城著迷, 太美麗了.