had a day in the city and i didn’t really enjoy it. still prefer 山山水水.

went to 碧潭. very accessible place which is located just outside the mrt station. view is super nice too.. is just like the extra large punggol park 😛

20131201_140618 20131201_140642 20131201_141150 20131201_141528

did not wait till sunset. went back to the city to see the famous taipei 101. as expected, packed with tourists…


next was 遼寧夜市. a short street with famous food. 其他夜市食物太創新, 不太欣賞. 遼寧夜市食物傳統可是適合我們口味.


然後 西門町!

the last day was our train journey again. woke up early and soooo excited to get my first 台鐵便當. and tah dah, so disappointed! not as yummy as i thought…. and train was delayed so we ended up eating in the station.


went to 礁溪 for hot spring! my first hot spring experience!

20131202_121547 20131202_124430

spotted the first sakura at 五峰旗. lotsa of green scenery! 20131202_125007 20131202_125537

and 礁溪溫泉公園. everyone just soak their legs into the hot spring cos is free!!!

20131202_142906 20131202_143917

Next stop, 宜蘭. 有點鄉下的感覺20131202_150133 20131202_150140 20131202_153005

happy to find vegetarian food for mummy !


and 蔥油餅 for ourselves 20131202_163104 20131202_164104lastly, gem spotted! 二手書店cafe. omg.. sooooo nice!