after the haze issue, the riot that happened 1hr ago hit the news. and my fb newsfeed was flooded by friends (to be more specific, hi bye ones). those who commented were upset and angry with the ‘trouble makers’. yes indeed i was shocked. singapore was supposed to be a super safe place. no riot, no protest because no one dares. think of the consequences. yes i was angry and shocked to see these people doing what they did, but well, who won’t make mistakes? 

so now people are just focusing on who to blame, and busy stereotyping. just wanna share this. i was taking bus 65 to orchard road with my mother and one of them gave up his seat. he was polite and smiled at my mother. the rest just ignored. even our dear Singaporeans. and i have stupid friends (i dont wanna mention names, just someone who went to college…) who said that ALL of them were idiots and deserved to be kicked out from Singapore. so… who is going to build your roads for u? 

yes complain and complain. yes continue my dear friend. come on, let’s stop being a racist here. Image

oh gosh. i am very disappointed with this ‘friend’ of mine.