ok i am the first person to be blamed as i failed to read the terms and conditions properly/clearly. ended up buying only 1 groupon when it was stated minimum 2 groupons to 1 room. i panicked when i found out 1 night before our travel date, after making a reservation.  stupid me. 

the first thing i did was to email Turi Beach staff and he replied that I’ve to pay an extra of $67.50 for the room (supposed to be double occupancy if i got 2 groupons). so total up $99 + $67.50. Here comes the question. 1 groupon costs $99, double occupancy will be $99 + $99. so why do i bother to get 2 groupons when i can just add $67.50 for the room? 

and stupidest thing is, with groupon, we are not entitled to many privileges like requesting for a king size bed. checking Turi’s website, it says that 1 room for 1 night is only $137.50. which is even cheaper than buying the stupid groupon. oh gosh why m i so stupid? 

oh yes and the ferry! with groupon, we are forced to take a ferry from Wavemaster, which has only 4 ferry to Nongsa per day. the timing is super odd but we have to choose from there. then on the day we travelled, the scheduled ferry broke down and we waited for 2 hours. luckily we were super early and managed to check in on time. 

to clarify, i am just complaining about groupon but not Turi. Turi is still the best resorts i have visited, with lovely people smiling and saying hello to you. Rooms are all pretty with balcony and seaview. 



had a lovely romantic dinner at island bar, yummy satay and friendly people!