I was discharged on monday after having the 5 days stay in hospital. It was kinda weird that i actually feel like continuing with my stay in there. It was the cheapest ward, but i will say i enjoyed being taken care of by the staff, and also enjoyed looking at people whom i dont know. Surprisingly, I’ve my own space in there.

Back home. The cycle repeats itself. Woken up at the same time, by the same question and i can only give the same answer cos ive no choice at all. After which, a few times of rude disturbance before she asked about lunch. As usual, i repeat the same answer everyday cos I’ve no choice.

It is bad. I tried making myself comfortable but she gets every chance to make it uncomfortable. Even simple things like going to the toilet. Although toilet was shared with others in the hospital, no one would rush me. And funny thing is i m always being chased out of my own toilet. I didnt ask for such close monitoring that is useless. Initiating a conversation is tough. It will always lead to some weird acts like coughing into my face, leaving germs behind. I keep quiet, so that it is easy for him.

But really? No basic respect? No basic manners? I cant even do meditation, hypnotherapy and enjoy a little bit of peace. What is this place actually?