Yesterday i felt that i was mean to complain so much. N every morning i wake up feeling irritated. Seriously whats the point…

Early in the morning, she will knock WHILE opening the door (which is useless in giving any prior signals), and to ask what i want to eat for breakfast. N I’ve been eating the same thing everyday and im totally fine with it. So today, i want to eat something different. And guess what, she tried to search my things to check my food. What?! Am i a kid? Then she found out im only eating biscuit (come on i want to eat that…). She’s unhappy and so she went ahead to make buns again without asking me. Nvm.

Since the day my mum was back. She had been curious about what she brought back. I put bb’s clothes in a bag so that i can wash them later. Yesterday she searched the bag without asking me. Ok nvm. I got hub to tell her i will be handwashing them separately from our clothes. Clear enough. Today she wanted to wash them again. She searched the bag again and wanted to pull the whole bag out of my room. Eh hello. We have already explained and why are you still so stubborn!

Talking about stubbornness. Told her that we cant pour boiling water into my plastic bottle. She refused to listen and just continued with what she thinks is right.

I foresee more problem coming. I just pray hard bed rest ends soon and i can take care of myself.