Finally “graduated” from KKH and I am transferring back to Thomson Medical! Really blessed to meet good doctors/nurses/staff in KKH. Was under the high risk pregnancy team headed by Dr Shephali Tagore, and the experience was good despite small little miscommunication. The team really makes me feel that im well taken care of.

Was admitted on 4th November 2015 due to early signs of labour. and because it was toooooo early, we were advised to downgrade to C ward (if baby comes early, he will need NIUC and that will cost a lot. Downgrading means is subsidised and no cash payment is needed). Of course people will complain about services and facilities in C ward, some even asked me why i chose KKH instead of private hospital without understanding the situation. but i really appreciate every little thing in the ward. Nurses were very nice to me, and i dont need to worry about anything. I stayed a total of 5 days and was discharged after that to rest at home.

We are at 34 weeks and 4 days now! Dr Shephali gave us the green light to go back to Dr claudine Tan, my previous gynea. Very very thankful that Dr Claudine arranged for us to meet Dr Shephali, who is an expert in cervical issues. Excited to meet Dr Claudine again this week! Hopefully biscuit is growing nicely and happily inside me!

I am willing to take all the aches, bed rest, emotional roller coasters… Just want biscuit to be healthy!