our first staycation as a family.
booked this staycation a month ago and was looking forward to it. location was one of the reason why i chose Park Hotel Alexandra. Away from the city, close to the place that i love most.
decided to book the club room which comes with many benefits. dining at the lounge was one of the best benefits it offers. look at the awesome view. was not very used to being served by the staff and we were quite awkward.
angel came to take care of LB, so that we could enjoy our evening cocktail. so sweet of her…and i felt sad that she has to take bus home alone.

it is so near to sentosa, mount faber, henderson wave, hort park etc. all the places that i love. all the places that were filled with memories. and i am just glad that beautiful new memories were created.

LB enjoyed it. was rolling on bed like a prata. and i love the little cot they provided near the full length window. LB was definitely unable to understand height but he seems to have enjoyed himself looking out of the window.

the first day, we had our evening cocktail at the lounge. then we headed to anchor point to buy snacks and food for angel. the next day, breakfast at the lounge again and we had lunch at ikea the next day. everything seems to be so perfect. how wonderful to get away from the usual routine. how fast happy times pass…

i spent the whole night looking out of the window, reflecting upon everything, anything… how i wish that was my view everyday.

to be honest, this is why i work so hard for…