the power of social media.

She finally found us on FB. don’t know what the hell is wrong with her, she added Jo on her FB, and liked my profile picture.

cant help it. i check her FB page and was surprised to see tonnes of pictures of them. what was worst… he looked so happy with his new family. attending friends’ gathering and the boy’s school events. what happened 20plus years ago repeated. he has always portray himself as a good father, and being quite silly, we always thought that he is a good father. never did we know that when we were struggling here, he started another family there. while i was working so hard, hoping that he can join us after his retirement… everything ended a few  years back when we got to know about the boy. damage was done and i thought that was enough. we forgave him. so whats next? another baby girl. about the same age as LB. 諷刺 對嗎?

it breaks my heart soooo much that he is still asking for money from angel. i wont mind giving him the money as i know he suffers alot. but what was terrible… he asked for money from angel, to enjoy life with his new family. are you thick skinned or what?! 男人 真的不能信

and all along we thought he is the most faithful guy in the world. pictures of him holding the other woman really disgust me.

i promise. i will protect angel forever. i will give her the best life that she can ever have. she deserves the best. not him definitely.