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Bad experience with KEEPSAKE BY RYO

Im typing this with the fear of losing my precious bm keepsake ring that costs me $109. Coming to the end of my bf journey, i was glad that i sent my bm for jewellery making. Did minimal research and as someone who relies a lot of visuals, the beautifully designed website of keepsake by ryo really attracted me, and therefore i decided to engage them.

In June, I sent in my 30ml of bm with so much excitement. to be honest, i think i am a very nice customer. waited very patiently for them to verify that they receive my bm. and i waited, no replies from them. so i took the initiative to email them. what i got from them was a very cold reply claiming the reliability of their so-called system. started to get very frustrated waiting, eh hello i paid so much and you refused to answer me. since they were actively posting promotions on fb, so i might as well leave a comment there (they have disabled all their private messages and reviews, ya this is how you do business-_-). wow and they immediately replied! on fb, they sounded very polite. so different from the email.

fast forward to sept. finally i received my ring.


look at the freaking holes. dont tell me you cant see it when you sent out my ring. apparently they just heck care the quality and went ahead to send out badly done items to customers.

so, another email was sent to them. i was very nice, let them decide how they want to settle this issue. they sent me a smartpac for rectification, and i greatly appreciated that. but once again, no news from that. the cycle started again, no reply through email and i resorted to messaging them under their promotion post. tah dah. they replied immediately, politely somemore. but……. it was a totally different story in how they communicate with me on email. i can only sense their coldness and irritation, claiming that their system sent me an email and i was the one who didnt check. oh and to mention, i was the impatient customer.

here comes my question. after 5 months, what will be the condition of my bm? did they really keep my 30ml of bm? i don’t think so. i deeply question their integrity. and very sad to think that this freaking expensive ring does not contain my bm. sigh. what to do…. didnt read the negative reviews earlier.

hope that the ring will be done properly and nicely.




Protected: whats your problem

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the power of social media.

She finally found us on FB. don’t know what the hell is wrong with her, she added Jo on her FB, and liked my profile picture.

cant help it. i check her FB page and was surprised to see tonnes of pictures of them. what was worst… he looked so happy with his new family. attending friends’ gathering and the boy’s school events. what happened 20plus years ago repeated. he has always portray himself as a good father, and being quite silly, we always thought that he is a good father. never did we know that when we were struggling here, he started another family there. while i was working so hard, hoping that he can join us after his retirement… everything ended a few  years back when we got to know about the boy. damage was done and i thought that was enough. we forgave him. so whats next? another baby girl. about the same age as LB. 諷刺 對嗎?

it breaks my heart soooo much that he is still asking for money from angel. i wont mind giving him the money as i know he suffers alot. but what was terrible… he asked for money from angel, to enjoy life with his new family. are you thick skinned or what?! 男人 真的不能信

and all along we thought he is the most faithful guy in the world. pictures of him holding the other woman really disgust me.

i promise. i will protect angel forever. i will give her the best life that she can ever have. she deserves the best. not him definitely.


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我還是一樣懷念以前 雖然知道無法回到過去 但是我有多麼希望他還是好好的

還是後悔 為何那時為了一些廢人而忽略他
為何那時我會害怕 會避開他

現在我也只能抱著他給我的禮物和照片 懷念他 懷念過去
我不願忘記 不可以忘記


很自由 很開心
有自己的空間 有很多時間思考


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